Thanks for your patients, I'm not finished yet,  I'm still under construction. 

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Below are a few helpful tools for my clients, download and print as needed.   


 1/     The state of Ohio requires us to give any potential customer a copy of the

         Consumer Guide to Agency.  It is not a contract it's intended to help you, the

         customer in buying or selling a home. 

                                                  Ohio - Consumer Guide to Agency.pdf 

2/       Frequently asked questions:

                                                  Frequently Asked Questions Jan 31 2013 .pdf


3/      Here is a printable file to help my clients keep track of the houses for sale

        as the read the paper, drive down the street, browse the internet, or hear of

        a listing from a friend.  Write them on it to work with me. 

                                                   Blank Client List for MLS Searches.pdf 


 4/      When moving we need to keep track of our valuables.  Print this file for

          recording the valuables, What it is, initial price, date, Serial numbers, warranty

          expiration date, etc.  It will be handy for remembering what you have when

          moving, also, for a record for your insurance company if any claims are filed.

                                                 Blank Personal Property Inventory List.pdf


5/     The new 5 page property disclosure

                                                Ohio - 2013 Residential property Disclosure Form.pdf


6/     Search for customers with IE 11


                                                Search  North East Ohio